Covid 19 Shipping Info

Please note orders take 1-5 days to process depending on our staff. People in Ohio are working from home and they still children and other things in life that can hinder performance.

Once you get an email saying your order has been shipped, from that point it can take 5-7 business days to get sometimes if you live closer to the warehouse it can be 2 days. Sometimes people order and they have it in 3 days. This means business days, a business day is weekdays only.

Orders can take 5-7 business days shipping. Business days do not include weekends, please note this. We are in Ohio we were hit very very hard, everything in our state is shut down. Please be considerate.

If you order after 11AM on a weekday then it will go on the next day to start your process clock, if you order on a Friday your order may not even post until the following Monday. We get it people need cases we are doing the best we can to make sure we are all safe.

 Please we will contact you with tracking information we are short staffed, everyone is working from home. So example customer orders Monday at 5pm that process clock will start the next day and from that point it can take 1-3 days to process the order. This is due to the volume of customers and a first come first serve basis. Please not you will need your phone case just in case a zombie apocalypse happens and you drop your phone? Who will you call? Wait let me guess no one therefore you could be eaten by zombies so make sure you get a good case from us.

You have to understand we are all on this together, calling us 24/7 will not help, sending us a ton of emails will not help. Example everyone is working from home, on top of that there is no baby sitting ion Ohio therefore you many employees working at home with children, well you may hear crying, whining, and tons of noise which makes things much harder. So we ask if you send us a email after 5 days from your order. Example 1, customer orders at 7pm and the next calls 40 times and email saying where is my tracking info? Seriously? please people lets just do the best we can and treat people as nice as we can.

We are doing everything in order and trying to make this the best we can for all of us. Please understand that you will be responded to in the order we get the emails. If you have a short staff, working from home with children, then you have 100’s of calls and emails per day? You have to expect there will be a wait. So once again please give it some time after you email us. The reps have to stop doing what they are doing (processing orders) to stop find out who you are, enter that name into the system, find your order, when your order shipped, then go to a different portal and find what day it shipped and check to see if tracking updated yet. Sometimes it takes a while to update.

We love all of our customer sand we want to make everyone happy but please just cut everyone a break during this hard time we are in, people are very sad and overwhelmed with the way the world is now. Please be nice! Thank you for your business, god bless you, and god bless America.

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