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Gorilla Glow

The worlds first glow in the dark waterproof phone case for the iPhone 6!

Gorilla Glow


Glow Cases Waterproof iPhone 6

Gorilla Glow Waterproof iPhone 6 Case

Gorilla Glow cases are 100% waterproof and also also protect your favorite phone from drops, spills, splashes, and other accidents!

The world’s first Glow in the Dark Waterproof Cell iPhone case! After months of designing I finally came up with the correct case and it will be perfect for everyone. The waterproof iPhone 6/6S case has a back that is a translucent green glow in the dark color. This phone case is 100% waterproof and also has access to every button including the finger print scanner.

At the moment the headphone jack is not accessible because it would compromise the waterproof feature. This phone case can survive drops, spills, and is waterproof to 6 Feet.

This waterproof case is great for hunters, divers, fishermen, and anyone that has to work in the elements. The main benefit is that the back of the waterproof case glow sin the dark making it very easy to find during the night hours.

Gorilla Glow


Gorilla Glow

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