[3 Pack] Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3 XL, [Tempered Glass][Case Friendly] 

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Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3 XL

[Tempered Glass][Case Friendly]










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4.3 out of 5 stars

1,044 customer reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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10 reviews for [3 Pack] Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3 XL, [Tempered Glass][Case Friendly] 

  1. Brandon Kovash

    My local cell phone retailer wanted $40 for each glass screen protector for the Google Pixel 3 XL when I upgraded my phone. Not wanting to pay that price, I searched Amazon and found these, and I’m really glad I decided to buy these instead.LK includes 3 glass screen protectors in the package, which is really nice in case you mess up with applying one or end up breaking one after a while. I haven’t done any stress testing, but the glass itself feels like it’s high quality. It fits perfectly on my Pixel 3 XL, leaving just enough room for the speakers and camera lenses. The phone with the screen protector on fits nicely inside my case as well without catching on the edges of the case. I didn’t use it when applying my first screen protector, but they also include an “alignment frame” that’s supposed to help align the screen protector as you apply it, making it easier to apply with minimal air bubbles.If you have a Pixel 3 XL, and you’re looking to get a glass screen protector, look no further. This is a great buy!!Pros:- 3 high quality glass screen protectors for much less than the price you’d pay at your average cell phone retailer for 1.- The kit includes small accessories that are helpful when you’re applying the screen protectors. (Cleaning cloths, dust removers, air bubble removing tool, and alignment frame)- The fit is as perfect as it could be on the Pixel 3 XL. There’s not a ton of extra space on the edges of the screen that isn’t covered by the screen protector.Cons:- No cons that I can think of at the moment. I’ll update the review if any come along, but for the price I’m extremely happy with everything about these screen protectors.Thanks LK!

  2. Cecil Vermule III

    I bought these for my wife initially and installed one on her phone on February 11th, 2019. She said 2 days ago that she already had a chip on the side and a crack in another spot. I figured that she had damaged it by dropping the phone or something. She showed me last night how many chips and cracks she has now. I installed the same protector on my phone yesterday around 11 AM. After that my phone sat on the couch next to me until 4:30 PM while it updated apps, the OS, and I logged into things as needed. It went into my pocket when I left. It is the ONLY thing that goes in that pocket. I looked this morning and I have chips/cracks in 5 different spots around the edges. With that little of a time and soft of use I would expect it to still be in perfect condition. These SUCK for durability. Almost no use and it is falling apart already. I WILL NOT buy these again. I have already ordered others and will be trashing these. Maybe I will contact Amazon and have them make the seller refund me for a crappy product.

  3. cliente anónimo

    Seems like a great screen protector. They are sturdy and each one comes in it’s own individual packaging within the box. Plus there’s an instructional video which I would suggest to watch all the way through before beginning to put it on yourself. Also make sure you watch the video for the phone you have because I watched the wrong one and missed an important step that was specific to my phone (Google Pixel 3 XL). For this reason I may have to take it off and put on a new one, but other than that I would recommend.

  4. Kyle

    Alright, so after having a bad experience with all the other screens having fake reviews for random products, this was a breathe of fresh air. The last ones I bought sucked, they felt horrible, they chip with the very slightly bump on a surface. These are actually very good, they could be just a touch wider, as they miss about .25mm on each side of the screen, but it’s still very effective. This also makes it great for use with a case. The one I bought from another seller, literally broke when I put the case on because it was too wide. The guide they provide is awesome too, and they kit you out for all 3 applications! A+ to LK, they did a good job on this and will be looking into them for future purchases!

  5. tom

    I have installed this on two different 3XL’s. The glass is flat and does not extend to the curved edge. It does not impede the touch screen. I use this with a Google fabric case. The glass is a hair’s width narrower than the display area. The first installation went quickly and smoothly. The second phone’s protector is slightly lifting at the edges, but looks and works fine. The plastic installation frame makes alignment trivially easy. This was my third purchase in search for a working screen protector for the 3XL.

  6. Derik Stowell

    Don’t be fooled by other reviews on this product on Amazon.. “people write phoney 5 star reviews so they can get a free phone case…” This screen protector is awesome. I’ve never had an easier installation experience.Make sure you use the template so it will make sure you don’t screw it up. See my pictures. Have you ever seen a better installation than this? It literally took me 2 min.. definitely will recommend.

  7. Jonathan Douglass

    InstallationThere are no installation instructions in the box but includes an internet address for the installation video (minus a star). The installation of the protector is the same as any other glass protector. This kit came with a guide which was actually very handy and surprising tight fitting. I took my time with the cleaning and trapped no dust under the protector. I was initially skeptical of the think cardboard scraper but pleased that one end was covered by a microfiber cloth. This was something other screen protector kits lacked and more than one based card have bunged up protectors from other kits. I caught a large air bubble under the protector but was quite pleased it pressed out. I was installing this in a dimly lit room and used a flashlight to locate dust in the cleaning step and tiny bubbles of air in this step. I carefully worked a dozen or so tiny bubbles to the edges of the screen. I was able to get a perfectly bubble free installation with a little bit of care. That cloth covered scraper certainly was worth having on hand. Plus one star.ShortcomingsMany Pixel 3 XL protector reviews across all screen protector products explain that the phone’s gently curved edges create air bubbles along the sides. I had only one very small edge refuse to adhere but the area is so insignificant and does not interfere with operation. This area is also visually negligible. While this definitely exceeded my expectations, there is one huge shortcoming. The screen protector does not cover all the lit area of the screen. It is about .5mm on the left and right edges which means I can clearly see the protector edges. This absolutely interferes with phone operation and my OCDC scream to take it off. That urge is tempered by my desire to protect the screen. I wondered if this big flashlight might have been intentional. I think if it had covered the whole screen to the edges that bubbles of air would form along that .5mm which would actually be more hideous. I use a Spigen Ultra Hybrid S case and love it! This protector does not touch the case but there is about 1.5mm of uncovered glass between the case side and screen edge. Perhaps this is by design to prevent edge bubbles, so I refuse to dock a start for this, just be aware.I am baffled that this seemingly well designed screen protector has mismatched curves around the notch. The curves are clearly different radiuses then the curves of the notch. Minus one star for this big oversight.Feel and UseThis screen protector feels just like the Pixel 3 XL screen, does not distort the image, and seems to be up to the task of protecting my screen. I would buy another LK screen kit again though might experiment to find a one with a better designed notch cutout.

  8. E. R.

    it feels good, but it does not cover the full screen, It seems that neither does. It is compatible with most case, in my case there is an eighth between the protector and the case on each side

  9. Leah n lenny

    The first day I had the screen protector on my phone I dropped my phone and the tempered glass screen cracked but it did protect my phone from any damage. This came with 3 so I have 2 others to put on the phone and there is a lifetime warranty but I dont see that being helpful other than having to contact the company constantly for new screen protectors. I did put another one on but that also broke after my phone fell on the floor. I will not be ordering these again I rather pay a little more for a better quality one than but these again.

  10. Wetto Sanchez

    Final Review(TLDR): My final verdict is that they’re “ok” for $12.-They seem to last about 30 days (in my ownership) before they mysteriously crack.-With real world use, the glass develops plenty of smudging throughout the day so you either have to live with the smudging or clean it hourly.-The protector leaves a gap around the edge of the pixels front GLASS panel. (covers about 96% of Gorilla GLASS)This is both good and bad:Good because the small gap makes it case friendlyBad because if you have a thinner case it will create a gap between the protectors edge and your case edge.(Its not really LKs fault as they can not cater to every phone case, but im just pointing that out)-The protector also runs just a tiny bit narrower than the OLED DISPLAY (covers about 99.6% of OLED).-Leaves a 1mm air bubble around the edges but for $4 a piece i cant complainWould i buy it again? Possibly, but i would highly prefer something with a better oleophobic coating.I hope some of this information will aid you in your purchase.FINAL ADVICE I SWEAR: I ended up buying their other LK 3 pack tempered glass protector (the one with a rounded proximity sensor cutout, not the square-ish one).Its NOTICEABLY BETTER. Fitment is virtually the same, it still leaves about a 1mm air bubble around the edges.BUT:-The other 3 pack doesnt have a large notch cutout for the cameras like this one, so it protects more screen.-The other 3 pack actually has a (way better) oleophobic coating that resists smudging.-The other 3 pack is cheaper at only $9-CON is significantly more dust gathers around the front cameras/speakers/sensor.———————————————————————————————————————————-YOU REALLY DONT HAVE TO READ BEYOND HERE ANYMORE (but you can, i suppose…)———————————————————————————————————————————-Original Review: Product works well. It doesn’t feel like screen touch responsiveness is hindered by the addition of the protector. Comes with a plastic centering guide to make sure your install is centered. Fits well with my VRS clear case with room to spare. Also comes with 3 full sets of wipes for each glass install. The only issue is there are tiny lifting/air pockets around the edges of the protector. They are only about 1mm wide, so I’m still quite happy with it. Only time will tell how long the protector will last. I would recommend it. The screen protectors also came with an offer for a free wireless charger. I took them up on the offer and after posting about it on social media they did follow through and send it. Its a cheap wireless charger but yeah, it works (slow charge).———————————————————————————————————————————–1st Update: had a chance to give one away to a friend and compare it with a ZAGG tempered screen protector on his Otterbox defender case. The ZAGG protector does have better clarity as seen from a side profile (picture included), but in person/on screen it’s not as noticeable. The ZAGG one also felt like it had a moderately better adhesion and the edges stuck better with no lifting. The ZAGG stays WAY CLEANER throughout the day, with minimal smudging.NOTE: The large bubbles on the Otterbox case were only caused by the Otterbox case hitting/disturbing the screen protector———————————————————————————————————————————-2nd Update: The bigger issue im noticing is that glass needs constant daily cleaning as the screen gets smudged almost hourly. This leads to the screen being hard to see especially in sunlight. Product says it has an oleophobic coating which I find hard to believe. I’ve taken a star away and changed my overall review from good to “okay”.

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