Apple iPhone XR Armor Case Black

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Apple iPhone XR Armor Case Black



Tough Armor Case Designed for iPhone XRiphone xr case

iphone xr case

iphone xr case iphone xr case iphone xr case

Easy Viewing

Prop and watch with reinforced kickstand

Charge Wirelessly

Compatible with wireless charging

Slim Profile

Ergonomically designed for easy grip


iphone xr case


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Gunmetal, Black, Blue, Red

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10 reviews for Apple iPhone XR Armor Case Black

  1. Samantha

    I’ve had this phone case for about a month now. First reaction is how thick and bulky the case is – but that’s because I’ve only had Spigen’s thin cases in the past. It obviously fits the iPhone XR just fine. It’s tight, but that’s how it should be. In the past, I haven’t been a fan of hard cases that have the lock and volume buttons incorporated in, but those work well on this case, no issues with having to press extra hard. I don’t recall if it was for this case, or another one, but some reviews complained about the bottom lip of the case getting in the way when swiping up on the phone – I don’t see any problems with that here, there is enough space between the case and the phone. I also have a screen protector, made by another brand, no problems putting the case on or it coming up. Finally, I don’t have much to say about the kick stand as I have a pop socket, other than it’s there and it works.

  2. Joshua Bort

    This is the third Spigen case I’ve owned (I think the third). At any rate, this case doesn’t disappoint, the rubber interior feels solid but “squishy” enough to absorb an impact from a drop. The Hard plastic cover over the rubber doesn’t feel cheap, and provides a pretty good gripping surface. And as the description states, this case still allows my phone to charge wireless. Material Quality got four stars because of that flimsy flip-out stand, now granted I haven’t tried it yet, and it may work beautifully, but first impressions were not that great. Overall, I would definitely recommend this case.

  3. Christopher M Drake

    I purchased a Spigen case for my iPhone 7 a couple of years back and it faithfully protected my phone. There were a few things that I was specifically looking for in that original case. 1. Was there a lip to protect the screen from face down falls? 2. Was there hard plastic with a rubber sleeve to protect? 3. And was it slim enough to not feel like I was carrying a small book with me?The Spigen Tough Armor did it for me. But there was one small annoying detail. The sharp edges where angles met on the phone had some burrs from the manufacturing process and it ever so slightly rubbed my hand raw. Over time it got a little better but I overlooked it.On this new model for the XR, not only did they get rid of the small burrs and made it super smooth, they added a kickstand for those moments when I want to watch something on a table or counter. This case fits perfectly like a glove and I know it will give me the same level of protection that my previous case had.Thank you Spigen for this case. I bought one for my wife as well!

  4. P.K.

    I’ve purchased a Spigen in the past with as described protection and durability. The red matches the actual red colored iPhone very well. I do not have any observable issue with the centering of the holes nor the logo (it doesn’t look off-centered to me).


    I really want to give this thing 5 stars, but I can’t. The case itself is solid, and will protect your phone. The kickstand, which I thought was an excellent added bonus, is entirely useless. Unless there’s a kickstand on both left and right sides, or, better yet, it’s continuous from one side to the other, you might as well not have one at all. The moment I deploy the stand and try to set the phone down, it will skew to the right, and there’s no way it will stay in place. Believe me, lovely as it sounds, the stand offers zero benefit. As it is, I’d pay $12 for his case, not a penny more.

  6. N. Staudt

    I had a case just like this for my 6s and never had any complaints about it. I dropped that phone many times and it never even got a scratch. So, when I upgraded to the XR, I naturally wanted something similar and ended up with this case. The kickstand works well, pops in and out fairly easily. It sets the phone at a good viewing angle if you are sitting at a desk/table. The case slides in and out of pockets with relative ease, and I assume it protects the phone just as well as my old case since they are practically the same.The apple logo on the back of the phone is off center, so that’s a bummer. But hey, I got this case right before the XR was even available to be purchased, so it’s understandable. Hopefully Spigen can modify the design slightly to more closely align the apple logo in the center of the circle.

  7. Melissa

    I have always owned Otterbox or Lifeproof cases. With the Otterbox cases, my family has had issues with the screen cracking, even with the case. With Lifeproof, their saving grace is the lifetime warranty. The rubber on the buttons would fall apart. The plastic over the home button would come unglued. I owned the Lifeproof charging cases. They always quit working after about a year. This time, I wanted something different. Spigen was recommended by a friend whom has had several Spigen cases. I researched to decide between the cases. I decided on the Tough Armor to gain as much protection as possible. I have been pleasantly surprised. It is sleek, and protective. The price through Amazon is half of what I would have paid at Best Buy. I have dropped my phone three times and I have had no issues. I’m clumsy. I would highly recommend this product for both quality and price.

  8. Nita Adams

    This is a great protective case for the XR. Not a low profile case but not overly bulky in my opinion. I want a case that is big enough to provide real protection and this fits the bill. Fit the phone perfectly. Cutouts for speakers and charger are cut well and provide good access. There is a good lip on the screen side to ensure the screen doesn’t contact the surface if it is laying face down. Good protection for the camera lens as well. I installed a tempered glass screen protector and it fit without problem and there is still a lip above the screen. Apple logo is centered. Buttons still seem to work without any problem. Kick stand seems like it could pop off easily but things like this aren’t meant to be strong. I like the gunmetal color a lot. Matches with my black phone well. Price is right too. I would definitely buy again and don’t have any regrets at all.

  9. FW

    I was worried about how well the phone would fit because the Xr was so new (I ordered the case before the first batch of iPhone Xr’s arrived), but the Spigen Tough Armor fits perfectly. The material is flexible but thick enough to provide lots of protections from drops. I like the raised height of the case edges above the front-glass. If you lay the iPhone Xr face-down on a table, there is about a penny-thickness between the glass and the table. One minor problem, the Apple Logo on the back is off-center (see photo). So Spigen got the important things right (the physical fit), but was off on the back logo. I wanted to take .5 points, off but can’t, so its 4-stars instead of 5-stars

  10. AnalogAndroid

    Fits iPhone XR very well. Volume and power buttons are responsive. Feels like great quality build and should offer adequate protection for normal drops and bumps…. does seem somewhat bulky though….. if you just bought an iPhone xr and want a rough and tough case for a great price you’ve found it. I would recommend and buy again.

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