iPhone Xs Max Gorilla Case with Built-in Screen Protector | Full Body Shockproof Silicone Water Resi

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iPhone Xs Max Gorilla Case with Built-in Screen Protector | Full Body Shockproof Silicone Water Resistant Heavy Duty Military Case for iPhone Xs Max

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Camouflage, Gold, Red, Silver, Yellow, Black Case for iPhone Xs Max, Red for iPhone 5s/SE/5

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7 reviews for iPhone Xs Max Gorilla Case with Built-in Screen Protector | Full Body Shockproof Silicone Water Resi

  1. adam ferris

    This case is remarkable!! My phone has dropped off my lap from 6 feet up from my work truck and has held up through several drops. This time, it got wedged under my work trucks seat which has air-ride suspension. Going over a bump, the screen protector shattered but didn’t puncture the phone itself! I’ll be buying this again for sure. The phone is still in pristine condition! Better than any otterbox that I know of.

  2. Rayzene Mason

    Love this case, I get the same case but a different color EVERYTIME I upgrade my phone. The new lightweight metal is also a plus and just as protective as the metal ! Worth the money and will continue to purchase. Only down side is you cannot keep on your own screen protectors with this case. They must be removed.

  3. Marcello

    Great phone case at a great price. Like others have said, the screws loosen up but just use a little lock tight and you won’t have a problem. The case has a little rubber on the back which keeps it from scratching surfaces and also keeps it from sliding off the car dash or console. The side button covers work great, even better than my brothers otter box. Highly recommend.

  4. Softie

    The case is made of heavy metal so I can’t even bend it trying within reason. The large corners makes sure that if it lands on one it doesn’t hit the phone. It even works with screen protectors b/c the corners screw down atop it. So it’s not like trying to press the sides into something, if anything it helps to better hold the screen protector in place. The lanyard didn’t have a hold for it so I just put it over one of the corners before I put my phone in it, and it stays in b/c of being screwed into place.

  5. DefeatingZero

    The build quality and protection level of this case is amazing! I’ve had cases that cost 5 times as much that don’t feel as good in my hands of protect from falls as well as this case. Only downside is reduction of range and quality of wireless signals. My Bluetooth range is cut in half, wifi isn’t what it used to be and cell coverage is down by about 2 bars, I haven’t seen more than 3 of 5 bars coverage since putting it on.Update: after just under 3 months with this case I’m less happy with it. The biggest problem I have is that you can’t keep it in your pocket if you’re going to get sweaty because the humidity in your pocket gets caught between the glass and your phone, causing the screen to become unresponsive. Since you have to have the tiny Allen key with you to open it, it’s very inconvenient when this happens outside of home. Switched to the Meritcase waterproof case, we’ll see if it’s any better.

  6. Zachery

    The protection is great. I have had some sort of this case on all of my iPhone. It is above military grade in protection. I have dropped it to many times to count. It ran over by a car, and my phone had no damage. The reason I bought a new on is the glass broke on my last case. I went months with out it and am dropped my phone after surgery and my phone fornt fell on the table leg and broke the glass. Now I love this case. Drop protection is out of this world. I have on complete. The plastic silence control keeps breaking. I wish it was made with metal or a more durable plastic. That’s why I detected a star.

  7. Jeff O’Connell

    I see I phone users all the time with cracked screens, NOT me I have same I phone 4 and X is out now. Mine still going strong looks new.

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