iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Case [Magnetic Adsorption Technology] [Metal Frame] [Clear Tempered Glass Bac

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Product Description


Double Face Protector & 360 degree Protection for all edge

  1. The back and front part is made of tempered glass that is anti-scratched and drop protection significantly.
  2. The clear back is available to show the beautiful coral color you have.
  3. The case frame is all-wrapped by aluminium alloy which is shock-resistant could protect your iphone as much as possible.

Magnet Adsorption Technology

  1. This is a product that back case back case could adsorb front tempered glass together so as to protect your iphone perfectly with the magnetic adsorption.

No Need Additional Screen Protector

  1. This product is including clear back and buit-in front tempered glass screen protector

Works perfectly with wireless charger

Warm Tips:

  1. Avoid falling from high position heavily
  2. Avoid over heating
  3. To protect your tempered glass case, please remind of these 2 points.


Full Body Protection

built-in front tempered glass screen protector and clear glass back


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Built-in Screen Protector

The front part is built-in 9H tempered glass screen protector, therefore, for better touch feeling, you are suggested not to cover another screen protector for your iphone.



Full Body Protection

Front and back side tempered glass provides the protection for the screen and the back of your iphone. This is the new upgraded design comparing with the old version magnetic case. No need to buy a screen protector anymore!

NOHON full body magnetic case for iPhone

Black Red Gold Silver

built-in front protector

built-in front protector protect your iPhone screen from the scratches

support wireless charger

no need to take-off the case when use the wireless charger

metal frame

metal frame provide protection to your iPhone

clear back

allow you to showcase your iPhone



built-in front tempered glass screen protector and clear glass back



Additional information


iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max


Clear Back+Black Frame, Clear Back+Gold Frame, Clear Back+Red Frame, Clear Back+Silver Frame

Item Weight

3.52 ounces

10 reviews for iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Case [Magnetic Adsorption Technology] [Metal Frame] [Clear Tempered Glass Bac

  1. Brandon Cottrill

    Here is a list of pros and cons of this case.Pros:Looks good with a Black and space gray IPhones XR Aluminum frame is well built Strong magnets hold case together well Does not block speakers or power ports Works well with wireless chargers Shows off colors of phoneCons: Glasses is on the cheap side Blocks cell phone signal Gets debris under glass easily Not fingerprint resistant Scratches semi-easily on front and back Slides around on smooth surfaces like a sofa or a bed

  2. Robert Darby

    I tried this case for a few days myself and my wife tried it for a couple days after that. Both with the same results.First of all, the case feels pretty damn close to holding the phone in your hands with no case at all, I love that! It’s like there’s nothing there!It looks good, good weight and it feels good.AT FIRSTOne or two trips in and out of my pocket and the hole at the top of the case (the cutout for the earpiece) starts to collect and let in dust and pocket lint that eventually resides between the case and the screen. Essentially making an uncleanable dusty screen.I found myself cleaning it about twice a day, which isn’t exactly easy since you have to clean the phone as well as the inside and outside of the case.But I could live with that.What I can’t live with is the radio killing Faraday cage-esque cell phone hole that drops the signal down to the point of 0 bars in many places where the phones usually work without any issue.I don’t know if it’s the metal frame or the magnets, but it sucks and the case, as of today has been returned.No matter how pretty, no case is worth it if the phone stops working.

  3. Lauren

    I bought this when iPhone 10 came out and have used it since. Since Ive had it I dropped it 3-4 times onto hard surfaces from standing position and not a knick or crack. Also the back is clear so everyone knows its the newest iPhoneX and not a 7 or 8.

  4. Jenova

    I was wrong and I change my rating because I thought it was plastic the front and back and by mistake I had the case in my backpack and the front broke I was like wow it is glass don’t be surprise if it feel like plastic but is really glass. Love the case I’m thinking of getting another one.

  5. Ninong

    This is a beautiful case. slim and durable. Extremely easy to put on your phone with little to no damage. Sadly, when in the case, the edges of the screen become very noticeably less sensitive. Given the importance of the edges of the screen with the newer iPhone models, you should know this prior to purchase. There are workarounds, but the decrease in tactile sensitivity is noticeable to someone accustomed to the iPhone’s responsiveness.

  6. Susan K

    Very nice Case for iPhone X but too slippery…one day I dropped my iPhone and the case came off in two pieces so glad doesn’t break my phone this case may looked sleek but once you drop your phone it doesn’t really protect your phone and also it slippery to hold so I’m back to the old case ..

  7. Scott

    This case is very sleek and does a great job at helping slim down my iPhone compared to many other cases. There are a few things to consider before you buy this case however:Pros:1. The case is cheap and seems to me to be relatively good value.2. Magnets are very strong and hold the case together quite well, even when dropped.3. Unlike other similar cases, this case has class on both the front and back panels.4. The case can work with an additional screen protector on your phone; that is, you can still use your phone as normal with a screen protector on and then placed inside this case without issue.5. The aesthetics of the case are quite nice, and very much helps to slim down your phone.Cons:1. At the very edges of the case where the glass meets the metal edge of the case, the phone is not responsive. This is problematic when pressing any keys that lie to the very edge of your phone (for example, the number “1” when typing a message). This can be solved simply by pressing more firmly on the keys to the edge of the screen, but can be a pain when trying to type quickly.2. The glass the case is made out of breaks easily. I dropped the phone onto a carpeted floor from table height and a small crack developed in the glass on the side of the case.3. The thing that bothers me the most about this case is that it somehow manages to suck dust, dirt, and other small particles in through the various small openings of the case (i.e, front and rear camera holes), and dirty up the interior glass for the case. It sort of defeats the purpose of having a sleek see-though case if the inside space between the phone and case is filled with your pocket lint.4. Other users may not have this problem, but I appear to have a reduced cell signal with this case, despite the small cutouts for the iPhone antennae.Another problem other users have had is that the case is very “slippery”. After having several very grippy cases, this was actually a welcome change for me, but if you dislike the feeling of your phone being able to slip out of your hand, this may not be the case for you. Overall I think it is a good product that could improve from smaller cutouts for the cameras to to reduce debris getting inside the case, and stronger glass to prevent such easy cracks and damage.

  8. AryanPatel

    I ordered a magnetic case received it, while I used it once and dropped it. It was unable to close and also sand, dust micro particulate can get it . The seal is great to hold the phone but over time it lets everything in. Once I received my replacement under warranty I received the attached photo completely wrong item.

  9. KOBRA

     Case looks great! It does definitely weaken your signal strength by at least one bar. Adds a good amount of weight to your phone which I like. Big enough cutout so your charger will fit and you can fit your finger into the silent slot. Feels like it is made of a decent material. Does not protect rear camera as the camera is about 1mm higher then the case. The lines on the phone lineup perfect. If you drop this case one time, the glass on the case will definetly shatter. All That being said and I still think it’s worth the $15.

  10. Pablo T.

    Super Slick and slim- great grip and although I hate iPhone covers, I love to use this one that does not make my unit any bigger.I still haven’t tested on a big fall/drop so I cant decide if will hold but looks steady enough considering how small it is. I would recommend buying it with a protective glass ( witch I didn’t get because I dont like) but seams to be a good fit.

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