iPhone Xs Max Wallet Card Holder Case | iPhone Xs Max Credit Card Case

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caseVofolen – Slidable Hidden Slot Card Holder Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max (6.5″ Display)


  1. Buy this wallet case for your iPhone XS Max to replace bulky wallet in everyday life!
  2. The card slot can carry 2 essential cards (ID, license, credit card…) when you are out.
  3. Rugged TPU cover absorb shock and impact from low drops/bumps (within 0.5meter);
  4. Scratch resistant PC cover, luxury and stylish, easy to clean, comfortable to hold;
  5. Sleek design with multiple color choices to decorate your iPhone XS Max and offer protections

Warm Tip

  1. Please buy a shatterproof screen protector for extra protection against drops and impact.
  2. The card slot can be hard to open when first use, it becomes better after few time uses.
  3. If case separated into 2 pieces, put them back together then it can be sued again.

Troubleshoot – Can’t Open the Card Slot?

  1. Instruction on How to Use Card Holder
  2. Use your thumb to push the slider on top of the left corner.
  3. Open the sliding door a little then slide it to the right.
  4. Reach cards one by one by the little notch in the top of the left corner.


  1. 1 x Vofolen Case for iPhone XS Max Only, phone and other accessories not include.

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Black, Gold, Purple, Rose Gold, Teal – Light Blue

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2.24 ounces

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2.24 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)





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3.9 out of 5 stars

271 customer reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars

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10 reviews for iPhone Xs Max Wallet Card Holder Case | iPhone Xs Max Credit Card Case

  1. KmbHdcz

    The purple is gorgeous and the case has a nice lip around the screen. However, the door slides with some difficulty, especially if you try to stuff an extra card or cash bill in there. The door actually scrapes against the card and was wearing them down. I use my ID and cards a lot, but for those who don’t and just want a place to put something for an emergency this would be perfect. I also use a lot of hand lotion and this showed fingerprints all too well.

  2. Bryan L

    I had owned a very similar “name brand” phone protector for my old phone. I recently upgraded phones and had to have the same style where the protector is durable and holds credit cards. The name brand one I found had a two week delivery time so I went with this one which was half the price and had two day shipping. It works great. Fit my iPhone 10max perfectly. I read a past review where someone said the buttons on the side needed to be pressed very hard in order to work. That was my first impression but the trick is actually to press lightly, not hard.I’d recommend this product. Very happy with it.

  3. lgalcarte

    I’ve had this case for about 2 weeks and I love it! I had a case that held credit cards before but the whole back opened, which was awkward and difficult, although I liked not having to have my wallet all the time. This one’s much easier to open and just as secure. I fit my debit card, license and gas card in it with no problems. I got the purple one. I added the loopy thing for better handling since I’m used to a pop socket. Couldn’t be happier!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Was very nervous about giving up my billfold for a cell phone case/wallet. The only reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars is that with credit cards in both sides, it becomes very bulky. I searched specifically for a case with the most slots as I have a lot of cards to carry, but with it full, it is a little bulky. Other than that, my back actually feels better from not sitting on a thick wallet, and the magnets that hold the phone in the case, make it very secure. I also do a lot of work in metal cabinets out in the field where I need to be on the phone and use my hands to work on wiring. I can stick the phone to the cabinet with the magnets and put it on speaker, freeing up both hands. I’ve had this for about a month and a half now and it seems to be holding up well.

  5. Angela Longman

    I am giving them a 5 star now. They sent me a new case without any issues. Actually it is even better then the last. I love the fact the case comes off the wallet. It is awesome! They have great customer service and helped with the issue i had.

  6. Ashley

    I have the IPhone XMax and i love my case!!I also get a lot of compliments on it.Super good buy!!!Worth the money😊

  7. Erika Brown

    So I switched to an iPhone X’s max and I wanted a case like i had with my 8. Well this case is definitely not the same. Overall it is an ok case but don’t put more than 2 cards in at a time. I had my insurance card, ID, and debt card were a tight fit. It is not easy getting your cards in and out. It can be useful if a night out to a none crowded bar or if your like me and just don’t carry a wallet to work…Update: so this case is not good at protecting against damages… Back screen of phone cracked in the case.

  8. Amy W.C.

    Firstly, I am not one who likes to carry a purse OR a wallet. I actually hate it! So when I saw my sister with this case for her iPhone 6, I just *had* to have one! I’ve used this same smaller case for my older iPhone for about a year now. I just got this iPhone XS Max, but I told myself I wouldn’t even bother upgrading my phone if Vofolen didn’t have this specific case for it; considering how new the XS Max is!! THAT’S how much in love I am with this phone case!!Ok, for the nitty gritty details…1. Do not buy this case if you’re in the habit of dropping your phone frequently. It claims to be super protective against drops, but no…it isn’t. My older one got dropped only one to two feet, only a couple times, but that was enough for the very corners of my actual phone to spider-break internally (meaning you couldn’t feel the break, just see it)! The case withheld the drops and didn’t break, but the phone itself did (no biggie, they were so small you could barely tell)!! Also, the case does not stand taller than the actual screen itself, so with a standard glass screen protector on, it is almost flush flat. This always worries me in case the phone is dropped flat on its face. I only PRAY that my glass screen protectors do their job and protect the physical screen itself in case of a face drop!2. The slider of the wallet case is tough/tight until you break it in a little bit. Use it over and over again…even play with it by opening and closing it after you install it, to help the slider open easier quicker. It’s just new…nothing that’s defective, it just needs to be worn in! However! It will NOT EVER become so worn in that it opens itself!! So just know that the more you play with and open it, it’s not going to “wear out” where it opens by itself and you lose your cards! Someone mentioned that this is also magnetic…I haven’t tried to put it up to a magnet or anything like that…so I have no idea where that comes from!!3. It will fit 2 cards definitely, sometimes 3. I have my ID and my debit card live in my phone, and occasionally I’ll put in some cash or another credit card. It will fit these 3 things in just fine, EXCEPT if you use a wireless charger (like I do), it won’t charge with 3+ things in it. It will only wirelessly charge with 2 cards in it. Just FYI!!4. You NEED to have a glass screen protector, or some type of screen protector on your phone while using the case. Please see above where I mentioned the screen protectors. Even with one installed, the case itself doesn’t really over-cover the screen itself; making it extremely vulnerable to face-drops.5. This case is NOT bulky like most wallet cases! Sure, the others hold many, many more cards and cash, making it bigger and bulkier, but this case is meant to only hold 2-ish cards in it! It’s no bigger or bulkier than any other “regular” case, making it a complete win!! On a side note, it’s actually maybe even slimmer than a normal case! You will *always* have some bulk when putting a case on…this one just happens to hold a couple absolute necessities in it at the same time!! It stands extra in the back about the width of two to three credit cards!! Bonus, too, the camera lens is completely protected, HOWEVER, I still use a glass lens cover to protect it from scratches and breaks, just in case!Well, that’s about it…honestly, if you’re not in the habit of consistently dropping your phone, and you’re looking for a good wallet-type case, this is the one!! I get DAILY complements on it, and constantly asked where I got it from! I should buy some stock!! LOL!! J/K. Highly, highly recommend, based on all the above!! I absolutely LOVE this case, and my new phone!! 😁

  9. John Meissner

    Not in love with this case. The card carrier is neat, but I’d be afraid to actually leave a card in it. I guess if you don’t want to carry a wallet you could put a bank card and an ID card in. It does work with wireless charging – BUT – I had to play around with how I put it on the charger in order for it to work. The first few times I put it on it didn’t work.

  10. David G.

    Functionality is great and it has a ton of card slots. I also like that there’s no cards touching the phone screen. ***BEWARE OF THE PHONE CASE*** the case itself is not the best quality/protection for the phone. There’s no bumper to help protect the screen. I broke my screen when I pulled my phone off 1 foot height table face flat onto tile. I never brake my phones before this. I would recommend buying a matching case that still fits into the wallet. You just need it to be magnetic so that it latches to the wallet.

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