iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case 6.5 inch Dustproof Snowproof Shockproof IP68 Certified, iPhone Xs Max

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iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case 6.5 inch Dustproof Snowproof Shockproof IP68 Certified, iPhone Xs Max Case with Built-in Screen Protector

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10 reviews for iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case 6.5 inch Dustproof Snowproof Shockproof IP68 Certified, iPhone Xs Max

  1. Alexis

    Update 1/6/18 It’s very fragile I dropped it only one time and the protective waterproof materials broke. I noticed this because I was noticing dust and stuff in the lower back of the phone. You can see how the grey material role and it’s in both parts of the case.It’s an amazing product don’t get me wrong. It does exactly what it says it does but the issue for me comes in the back of the case… In general the plastic used on the screen and the back section. They’ve could’ve gone with a hard plastic on the back for extra protection. Problem number two on the plastic use here is that it’s scratches extremely easily and difficult to clean. Anyhow’s if you want to show of you have and iPhone and have a decent protection this is a great case for you.

  2. frankie murray

    Was looking for the lifeproof Fre case (built in screen protector) however, it isnt released yet. So I began searching and came across this. I received it in the mail, and Its very well built! High quality plastics, crystal clear screen, and nice buttons. the mute button looks more like a knob, that turns 1/8th a turn rather than a switch. Will update review when I receive the phone. Might stay with this case over Lifeproof, because the rubber coating on the mute botton,, on the lifeproof case always seems to get worn down and cracks, leaving an entry way for dust and water.

  3. Kaelin moon

    Great case for protection but you can barely even hear your phone ring because it blocks the speakers.. can’t really listen to music on my phone at all .. so I’ll be sending it back

  4. Seeking to find

    My vote is similar to a C rating. The case offers nice features, one plus for me was keeping out the dust and other things from the charging port because there is a cover. It’s very easy to snap into place. Cons~ I don’t like the colors they have as they are blah. The plastic covering the face of your phone already has chips and it’s been like a week and I’m not hard on my phone. The volumn sucks as others have mentioned. Honestly I would probably buy another case like this just because it’s so easy and protects your phone, but I don’t think the price fits the quality of the case.

  5. Steven McGee II

    Don’t need to research anymore! This case, at this price, you can buy 5 of them and throw it away for a fresh one compared to an Otterbox or Lifeproof! I don’t use anything other than 360 waterproof cases, and own a construction business where falls, scratches, and scrapes are an eventuality. I wanted to get a temporary case to hold me until there were more iPhone XS Max cases were available.So far, I like:-the less sophisticated but easier to use than lifeproof connector cover-people can hear me much easier (though my switch to the XS from an X with a lifeproof fre May contribute to this)-I can hear better (XS like above)-love the clear back-LOVE the feel of the buttons that have a tactile click compared to the mushiness of lifeproofDon’t like, but not a big deal:-the rotating silence button-look a 360 case is going to limit the sound, idk about other phones but my phone definitely gets louder than Is comfortable if it’s in my hand. I’d say by 20%-yes the materials are cheap, buy 5 and have a fresh case every other month than see the state of a year old life proofSo far so good, used it for 2 weeks happily

  6. Patrick M

    If you’re even remotely thinking about this iPhone XS Max case, stop reading and buy it now. Currently there is no other better option for a completely waterproof iPhone XS Max case. For ~$20 this is an absolute steal especially when you see that the LifeProof FRE case will be around $90 when it becomes available.Q: Would I use this as my day-to-day phone case?A: No. It does muffle the sound a bit (~25% reduction max) and it isn’t the most attractive case. The LifeProof FRE case muffles the sound as well, but is a more attractive option in my opinion. I use a non-waterproof case for my day-to-day use.Q: Would I use this on vacation to a beach and doing outdoor activities?A: YES! This case is fully-sealed and even includes a spot to attach a lanyard or wrist strap. I have the LifeProof FRE case for another iPhone and I have always wished that there was a way to attach the phone to a lanyard while rafting or in the water. A waterproof case doesn’t help if you drop your phone and it ends up at the bottom of a lake (I’ve seen it happen).

  7. Solitary63

    So far this seems to be a good protective cover for my new iPhone XS Max. The button covers are stiff to push but not too hard to operate. The volume is muffled some but not nearly as much as I expected. I have no major issues hearing it, & according to some of those I have spoken to, they have no problem hearing me so the mic isn’t affected too much. The quality of the materials seems to be good & it appears to be well made. It fits well, snaps together securely, has a good grip, & it is waterproof just as advertised. The wireless charging works well also.All in all this is a good case so far. As of the date of writing this review I’ve been using it for five days. So far no major issues.

  8. Melis

    Got my case today it’s better than the life proof I ordered 3 for the price I would of got for one case we love them there perfect I highly recommend and fast shipping thank you

  9. Melissa

    Great case. Fits perfectly and looks very sleek on the phone. However it cut the phones volume output by HALF! Not great for every day use, better suited for vacations, hikes, etc.

  10. Sean Pierce

    I don’t know if people who said it was hard to hear phone conversations or the speakers for videos have ever owned a waterproof case. The sounds of both are excellent for the xs Max but this is coming from a very long time user of life proof products. I don’t doubt it will protect my phone. The rubber lining the inside is very cushiony and the outside rim reminds me of the life proof hard rubber. I have only used a few days so durability…? The one gripe I have is the case came dirty. Some smudges on the inside of the clear plastic on both the front and rear. I didn’t put them there. All but 2 I could clean off but they are very tiny dots I don’t even notice now that the case is one. Still, didn’t seem like a new from factory case. Not sure if I’ll switch when Lifeproof comes out with one but that’s why I got it. All in all I am satisfied with the purchase and feel the product is worth the money.

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