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Product Description

Think that are you still looking for different types of charging cords for different phones?

Think again, do you feel upset when you can’t pick up your phone with one hand while driving?

Let TORRAS car wireless charger help you

  1. Nearly fit for all Qi enabled phones, No need preparing different charging cords any longer;
  2. Ready-To-Use within one second according to smart gravity design, just put in your phone with one hand, auto-clamping;
  3. 2 in 1 function Car wireless charging Holder, holding your phone while charging in car;
  4. Advanced strong clip, 2-Gear adjustable operation, select the best for you;Aluminum metal frame(Clip is hard plastic), lightweight, solid and durable;

Simplicity for Life!

car holderTORRAS Car Wireless Charger

1.Does this wireless car charger work together with a phone case?

Yes, please don’t worry. It supports most phone cases, up to 5mm thick, on the market. But please make sure there is no metal, such as metal plates and credit cards.

2. How to take my phone out?

Just take out your phone directly! The holder will release automatically when it feels loosing gravity. You can easily take out your phone.

3. How to use the extensible arm properly?

For better compatibility with more different sizes of mobile phones, we designed the extensible arm.

  1. Phones that you need to stretching the arm: iPhone 8 Plus / Xs Max / Galaxy S8 Plus / S9 Plus / Note5 / Note8 / Note9, Huawei Mate RS, LG V30, Google Nexus6, Sony Xperia XZ2;
  2. Phones that you don’t need to adjust the arm: iPhone 8 / X / Xs / XR, Galaxy S6 edge / S7 / S7 edge / S8 / S9, LG G2 / G3 / G6, Google Nexus5.

4. What’s the output of this wireless car charger?

10W Fast Charge for(Require QC 2.0/3.0 car charger adapter):

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9+ / S9 / S8 / S8+ / S7 / S7 edge / S6 / Note 8 / Note 9 and later
  2. LG G7 / G7+ / V30+ / V30 / V35 and later

7.5W Fast Charge for(Require QC 2.0/3.0 car charger adapter):

  1. iPhone Xs Max / iPhone Xs / iPhone XR / iPhone X / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus and later

Additional information

Item Weight

3.68 ounces

Shipping Weight

6.4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)



10 reviews for Wireless Car Charger Mount | Dashboard Car Phone Mount | Hands Free Car Mount

  1. Georgi S. Georgiev

    I am very picky when it comes to gadgets. I can tell for myself that this is the best car charger mount I’ve ever had but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made even more simplified and easy to use.Maybe one feature that would be nice is to be able to lock the ball so that the mount doesn’t have to move left and right every time I get my phone in and out.

  2. Ian

    It’s a fantastic wireless charging!!!! Good quality, and it holds the phone well. I love it!!!

  3. Brian F

    I finally found a vent-mounting gravity-based wireless car charger for my iPhone XR. I tried two other models before this one. One of them would not securely attach to the vent, but charged fine. I tried a second one with the tripod-style vent mount but it wouldn’t charge the iPhone since it didn’t line up properly (the phone just got really hot), it was too small, and the tripod mount didn’t work as well as I was expecting.This Torras unit grips tightly to the air vent, stays in place, and holds and charges the iPhone XR well, even with a thin/medium case on it. I am using a QC 3.0 charger with the unit, and I’m able to run Waze and my phone’s hotspot, and it still charges (slowly, with both those on). It definitely does NOT charge as fast as with the Lightning cable, but I understand that wireless is slower, and not having to deal with the cable is an acceptable trade off for me. With Waze running (and the phone in its case), I’d estimate it gets about 20-25% charge per hour. I’m sure if I closed Waze it would charge faster, but I always have Waze running.I extended the bottom bracket as low as it would go, and it holds the iPhone XR snugly and aligns the wireless charging coils well. It’s also easy to insert and remove, as there’s plenty of room. The gravity mechanism works well.I’ve tried two other vent-mounted chargers and neither worked as well or held the mount/phone as steady as this. I’ve only had the unit for a day but in the couple hours of driving it didn’t move or wiggle at all.If I had to change anything, I wish the bottom/side arms/brackets were plastic instead of metal. They do have rubber or foam on them to provide grip and prevent scratches, but with metal arms there’s always the chance of accidentally scratching the phone if I’m not as careful as I should be inserting/removing the phone. I’m sure metal will hold up better, and it’s just personal preference.In short, if you want wireless charging and a solid vent mount for the iPhone XR (I imagine it would be great for the XS Max as well), then stop looking at the hundreds of others on Amazon and just get this one.

  4. Matthew M.

    This has been working great! I bought it back in March 2018 (I think) and use it every day. I drive around 3K miles a month for work so I spend a lot of time in and out of the car. I was tired of plugging and unplugging my phone and was hesitant to believe the wireless charging would work but it does and keeps my phone charged while running GPS/Music/Audible and will charge up your phone if it’s low. It’s a little bit flimsy feeling but it does work. I wish there was an option to do a dash mount rather than the vent. My car’s driver vent is partially covered by the steering wheel so my phone is in an awkward place and my passenger side vent is a little too far away to make it easy to use still. A great product so far and that is why I gave it 5 stars.If this product doesn’t end up lasting the life of the phone then I will update this down the road.

  5. Marquez Zephir

    OK this is as simple as it gets.It works, it is not disruptive to the design of my car. Drop in phone cradle, lift out release. No struggle,no drame.Awesome clip design connect to your vent. USB-C to B cable connection. my need to do a little cable management for length.Phone now stays over 50% for a heavy user as myself .Current iPhone users, we are still limited to 5-7.5w power levels. Bluetooth Music while driving No Problem , Google Maps and WAZE Users(also depending what else you have your phone doing, ex: talking in conjunction with the apps mentioned ), the power drain is about even or more than the charge. This is not a deal breaker. and the product still shines.

  6. Donbran

    Wireless charging meets your car! Love this charger it’s flexible and can be put anywhere. To be honest you can use it on your desk as well as I have. Love the smaller size and it’s functionality is what makes it a perfect fit.

  7. Deb

    ***UPDATE*** Bought this in October, 2018. In December, I took a 1,286 each-way round trip. Using Google’s map navigation during all of the trip I put my fully charged phone in this charger and it kept my phone 100% charged throughout all 2,572 miles! As you can seen I use this with a case on my phone*** I paired this wireless charger with the CH Geek flush car adapter. Both my Samsung S9+ and my husband’s Samsung s7 Edge phones read “fast charging” when the phone is in this wireless charger. As my phone has a “C” port and my husband’s phone has the micro port we no longer have to switch cords and car adapters to charge each phone. Just drop either phone in and it charges right up. No need to worry about damaging your phone’s charging port anymore. This wireless charger is fast and safe. Any sized smartphone will fit in this holder. It attaches tightly to a car vent and it will not droop down. Attach the jaws clip to the vent grid and attach the gadget to the clip by screwing the threaded circle on. Your phone will ride safely and smoothly and you can adjust the angle to your liking; it will stay put.

  8. Brett A. Dupree

    Works perfectly fine. Fits my S9 plus with a case perfectly and charges through the case. Kind of wish the connector to the vent was a little more robust, however, other than that it works great. By robust I kind of wish it had another stand that allows it to be propped up. My vent keeps on making it point down.Saying that the tighter gets very tight for the ball and the connector to the vent feels very sturdy.

  9. Nic

    Had this unit for about a month. I really like the way it grips my phone when I drop it in. charging works seamless. Only draw backs are that it seems to interfere with the operation of the sound system sometimes. Occasionally the buttons on the sound systems dont work when the phone is in the charger. It is located very close to the receiver. If it move the phone a short distance away it goes right back to working. The only other thing that could be better is the grip on the ac/heater vent is not very tight. I jammed a piece of rubber in the slot to stiffen it up and now is fine.

  10. Weitzmans

    I purchased this item for the one handed operation and the wireless charging. Both work well with my Samsung S7 Active. The clamp that holds the device onto the air vent is better than many I have tried, but still shifts left to right when touching the phone. Will have to se how durable the device is over time, as I am slightly concerned about the springs which enable the gravity locking system to work.

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